Saturday, March 31, 2012

My First Texture

so i went to AC Moore yesterday and picked up 5 packs of 5x7 canvas boards. brought them home and painted 12 of them with basic background colors. i let them dry over night last night. photographed a few this morning then started to play some more. adding distressed inks to the canvas. then i photographed those.
as i was doing all this, my brain was going 90 to nothing thinking of all the possibilities! for one simple 5x7 canvas board being worked on over and over.
well, i just uploaded about 2 dozen textures and began to play.

this is a photo i took when the pink flowers had just started blooming. here is the original..

and this is the same photo with a simple textured canvas layered on. it's simple, but that's what i love about it!

well, i am off to play some more!
just wanted to get your thoughts!

have a great Saturday!

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