Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill that cannot be hidden."
Matthew 5:14

"Every day you may make progress. Every step may be fruitful. Yet there will stretch out before you an ever-lengthening, ever-ascending, ever-improving path. You know you will never get to the end of the journey. But this, so far from discouraging, only adds to the joy and glory of the climb."                                                           Winston Churchill


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

time for SHS again with Ashley over at Ramblings & Photos. wow! these last 2 days have been full of laughter, friendship and HOURS of hunt photographing for this weeks prompts. i had such a hard time choosing which photos to use out of over 600 shot. but that means i have tons of photos for future blog posts. yeah for me!
well i am exhausted so let's get this post finished, up early in the morning for church.

i love to photograph farm animals. there's a story that goes with these, but only W and i probably find it humorous. LOL
this lil guy was having a BLAST rolling in the mud, i almost wanted to jump the fence and join him. didn't see his SMILE full of teeth until i uploaded my photos.

do you see his SMILE?

2)Stand Alone
i struggled with this a bit. just hoped i had a photo out of my 2 day lot that would fit.
this caught my eye. one word can so powerfully stand alone all on it's own.

also liked this single berry.

3)Rusty or Something OLD
that was easy for me. LOVE all things rusty, old, chipped and peeling!

this was an artificial apple tree. shot at a different angle. loved the lighting in the background.

5)Repeating Pattern
actually had tons of photos i could have used here as i love to capture texture and pattern when i shoot.
BUT..loved that i got the simplicity of my son's fingertips on this antique piano that was for sale at the Central Market. also loved that i caught foreground blur. my older son came home from school Friday telling me about foreground blur his commercial art teacher was instructing him about.

don't forget to click on over to SHS and give these amazing photographers some comment love.

wishing all a blessed week ahead!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


"two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work;
if one falls down, his friend can help him up. but pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!"
Ecclesiastes 4:9-10


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Here Today Gone Tomorrow....

what is on my mind today? i haven't posted my eucharisteo items in 10 days. it always amazes me, when life gets slightly off kilter and is weighing you down, how easy it is to not make note of the eucharisteo that is right before you.
so i sit here this morning in my comfy chair by the fireplace. in awe of the sun streaming through the window, as i have not seen it in days. and tell myself, 'think back over the last 10 days and find the eucharisteo that you didn't give credit to'.
our troubles, thank the good Lord, are here today and gone tomorrow, like a vapor in the wind. and each day He gives us a new day. like this icicle i caught yesterday. it's gone this morning. so i am so thankful i was able to appreciate it yesterday. (i am loving these pics!) so without any further babbling, let's get to it...i believe i left off at 31.

31)inner nudges when i am getting off track
32)strength of my son when it's so VERY hard
33)a dear friend who always sees the sunny side
34)snowfall when the rest of the world is sleeping
35)rest, thank God for peaceful rest
36)sunset in frigid air
37)laughter surrounding me
38)being able to capture God's creation through my camera lens
39)the ability to see what others may not
40)four random hearts in one random day
41)seeing a cross in snow footprints out my kitchen window this morning
42)tired puppy at the end of the day snuggled up on my shoulder
43)chocolate of course
44)teenage girls on fire for the Lord
45)God laying His mission on your heart
46)starting to see my heart as beautiful
47)learning in the looking back
48)wisdom with age
49)the love of the men in my life
50)new beginnings with promise

51)scripture that is shown to you at just the right time
52)my dear husband loves to cook
53)the gift of song
54)lyrics that move me
55)the chorus you can't get out of your head for a reason you may not understand right away
56)being a mother
57)beautiful memories of my father
58)love of my mother
59)so thankful she is still here with me
60)what's in store for my life

61)creative mind
62)doors being opened
63)second chances
64)paths laid out before me
65)courage to pursue my dreams
66)faith in my heavenly Father
67)hope in new things
68)peaceful moments to reflect
69)TRUST that He will guide me and catch me when I fall


Monday, January 23, 2012

Beauty At The Core

you will see no petals of color, smell no breath taking scent, no leaves of green here. it is stripped down of outer beauty, yet..

i found such simple beauty as i photographed this rose bush. this is all that's left of it right now, winter has stripped it down to it's core.

i can't help but ponder this simple beauty and how God sees us. beneath the make up, clothing, perfumes and jewels. He is able to see the simple, yet profound beauty that He created us with.

the beauty beneath the surface. the beauty within.

it's has taken me a very long time to start seeing myself as beautiful. to know and understand that He sees me as beautiful in His eyes.

but i am getting there. beauty is not based on the outward appearance. it's the heart inside. and i think my HEART is BEAUTIFUL!

we don't need a mirror to see our heart. our heart is amazingly beautiful when God resides there. our heart is in our emotions and our random acts of kindness. our hearts exhibit beauty in how we love our families and others.

so today, as i post the photographs of the simple beauty of this rose, i smile and think to myself...

what does being beautiful mean to you?


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

shs again over at ramblings & photos!
had a great time with this weeks prompts. amazing company joined me to seek out God's creations on a photo shoot full of wind on a freezing day! but the laughter and joy rose above our discomfort and we had a blast!
here are this weeks prompts!

1) sunset
can you see the birds flying around the sun as it sets in the west?

2) a day in my life
this was one of the best days i have had in a long time. quality time with my son. new friends. enjoying all that was around us and capturing memories through our lenses.

4) black & white
what an amazing feeling to have your child share your interests.

4) four
i think this is the most i have found in one day. must have been fate.

5) colorful
scouring old train tracks on our shoot and found this car full of artistic graffiti. my son, the artist, enjoyed checking it out up close.

as always i would love to hear from you.
thanks Ashley for keeping our creative minds at work.

have a blessed week!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

shs again with ashley over at ramblings & photos! click on over there and check out this weeks prompts. here are my takes this week. i decided to use my light box for all my prompts. really enjoyed using my creative mind this week.
here goes..

1)Stacked Up

2)Winter Wonderland




as always, i'd love to hear your comments!
wishing you all a blessed week.


Friday, January 13, 2012

'for I know the plans I have for you...'
Jeremiah 29

today's eucharisteo?

temps are in the upper 20's with 30-40 mile an hour winds. lots of running around today. in and out of the bitter cold wind.

21)flannel pajamas
22)soft fuzzy socks
23)warm glow of the fireplace
24)the cutest puppy ever snuggled at my feet
25)soft baby alpaca yarn on my knitting needles
26)a good friend coming to my rescue with a skein of yarn
27)kids off for the weekend at church lock-in
29)time to reflect
30)m&m's within reach


Thursday, January 12, 2012

11)a peaceful death for my dementia patient
12)long lived memories
13)compassion and kindness of a coworker
14)strength and courage to get through the 'death' part of my job
15)soft rain falling on days like this
16)Dudley's first lick of peanut butter off my finger
17)encouragement from my husband
18)knowledge that 'this too shall pass'
19)comfort and safety of my home
20)long awaited, dream filled sleep


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Grace. Thanksgiving. Joy.
As long as 'thanks' is possible, 'joy' is always possible.

"Charis also forms the root of the Greek word chara, meaning joy. Those three words...grace, thanksgiving, joy...come together. In all circumstances, even in our greatest trial, we can receive from Him this sustenance. Now served to us with nail-scarred hands, first we taste of grace—that He delights in us in His generous benevolence. Then we savor it with thanksgiving that both springs up from our spirit and nourishes us right down to our souls. And our dessert? Joy! Joy...from thanksgiving...from grace, freely bestowed on us."

So, I've been searching for my 'one word'. A word to live by this year instead of resolutions. A friend told me about a book called 'One Thousand Gifts'. I am in chapter 3, but feel I need to begin again. So much to take in. This word 'Eucharisteo' sticks with me. Gnawing at my soul, my inner being. Entering my thoughts each day. Over and over. A lesson to be learned this year? God speaking to me in His silent gentle whisper? I think so. 
I have a strong sense that this year is a year of change for me. A year for 'movement'.
I know the very things that will stand in the way of change for me. Chains that keep me weighed down. Doubt, insecurity, negativity. I am hard on myself. I know I cannot move forward on my journey, in my faith, in what God has in store for me, until I rid myself of these chains. The few powerful words I have read in 1000 gifts, have led me to see that I can't be full, full of joy, until I appreciate all the small blessings around me. Blessings I overlook daily. Thank God daily, for these blessings. I started to open my eyes this past year as I started getting more serious about my photography. Through my lens. It's been a precious journey thus far. But what about the things
I can't see?

So this is the word I shall embrace this year.

In every blog post I write I will include my blessings. Hoping to reach 1000 by 2013.
My blessings may not make sense to anyone else, but they will be mine. Written down forever. For my children and childrens' children to one day cherish and remember me by.

I encourage you to find your word. Search yourself and embrace it.


1)The mess I woke up to, reminds me I have a family to care for.
2) Warm sun on my face.
3)Bubbling white cheese toast, reminds me of Nani.
4)Strong hug from my almost 18 year old, love that he still hugs me.
5)Softness of youngest sons hair and that he still lets me run my fingers through it as he lays on my lap.
6)Hearing from Mama.
7)New budding friendship.
8)Relaxing sound of my knitting needles clicking as I knit.
9)Blogging and the inspirational women I get to encounter.
10)Found courage.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

time for the hunt with Ashley over at Ramblings & Photos.
i must admit, i am all about archives this week. for so many reasons. 1) i haven't really picked up my camera since Christmas day-UGH 2) work, work, put away decorations, work, work 3) the 25 prompt post wore me out-LOL 4) i haven't even posted in a week! i'm contemplating my one word for the year. which is important to me. so i've been reading, waiting for it to jump out at me or knitting, to be relaxed and in meditation.

so..i edited and made new!
love some of my results too. playing around with texture, grain, watercolor and such. i had a great time digging around to find the photos that jumped out at me for these prompts.

1) One Color~

2) Laundry~

3) Empty~

4) One Dozen~

5) Soft~

as always i would love to hear from you.
hope your new year has started out with abundant blessings!


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Memories, Dreams & Reflections 2011

linking up with Ashley over at Ramblings & Photos. this is the first time i have participated in Memories, Dreams & Reflections. there are 25 prompts! i started my blog this past summer as a way to journal my 31 days until i turned 40 and it blossomed from there. so enjoy my look back from August until now as i reflect on my blog/photographic journey for 2011.

1) Me~
i am the most proud of moving forward on this journey of mine with hope and grace. starting EOTS and pushing myself to learn and get out there. of making myself be creative daily, because if i don't the little dark cloud appears over me. turning 40!
taking more time for myself and learning to reflect on my life in a positive way, a wiser way. waking up to life differently and seeing God's amazing creations every where i look through my camera lens.

2) I Love You~
mr. H. my best friend for almost 19 years!

3) Still Laughing~
my cow pics are some of the funniest experiences i've had (to me i guess LOL). like the tongue up the nose or the amish man laughing at me as i was taking pics of his holsteins as he went by in his buggy!

4) Winter Wonderland~
my little Christmas gift that has filled my heart with SO much love and joy!

5) Birthday~
my first official newborn shoot. seemed fitting to use as this prompt. new life in this child and new life as a beginning for me.

6) Friends~
i love that my boys have always been close. yes they fight. but not only are they brothers, they are friends!

7) I Was Inspired~
i love finding random hearts that others may not notice. i feel they are a blessing to remind me of how much i am loved by my Savior and my family. they inspire me to love more deeply.

8) Spring Fever~
one of my favorite flowers!

9) Travel or Vacation~
glorious week this summer in Maine. i did not want to come home. i felt very much at peace there. my imaginary cabin is just off this lake. waiting for me to return.

10) Summer Days~
   ....blueberry pickin....

11) A Day In My Life~
always includes faith and prayer.

12) All Smiles~
my little man of course!

13) Autumn Harvest~
my favorite season!

14) Family or Home~

15) Celebrate~
teenagers uniting to serve GOD should give us all reason to celebrate!
(I must apologize. In my rush to get these prompts posted, I did not include next to this photo that I was not the photographer. It was taken on the mission where my boys were partaking in. BUT, I loved the photo and it seemed the perfect prompt.)

16) Let's Do It Again~
bokeh? what's that? oh my? this is sooo cool! you have created a 'bokeh' monster!

17) I Miss You~
our girl Hannah lost her battle with lymphatic cancer last June. our home has an emptiness that can never be filled. we all miss you terribly Hannah girl.

18) Beautiful~
need i say more?

19) Dress Up~
one of my favorite shots from Homecoming this year!

20) Macro~
seriously? i'm supposed to find a favorite?

21) Holidays~
put myself out there. became a brave photographer. sneaking ornament shots in the shops i LOVE CHRISTmas tooo!

22) My Favorite~
okay. so i decided to pick 2 of my favorites from my first and only photo shoots of the year. here's to more to come!

23) Don't Ever Change~
a tribute to my oldest son who turns 18 this February. he is about to embark on his own journey. wishing he always has a fire burning for God and uses his God given talent to spread God's message!

24) Just Because~
my journey has made my eyes open to so many things i may have never noticed before. i am so much more in tune with God's creation through the lens of my camera.

25) Hopes & Dreams~
my hope is to grow and prosper on my next journey. for my family to be blessed beyond measure and to seek God first in everything they do. my dreams..wow! been doing that a long time. but this year is the year to take the first step in making them come true. with hope & faith. this photo represents His promise to us. if we just believe.

blessings to you all in 2012.
looking forward to sharing this new year with you all.