Thursday, January 12, 2012

11)a peaceful death for my dementia patient
12)long lived memories
13)compassion and kindness of a coworker
14)strength and courage to get through the 'death' part of my job
15)soft rain falling on days like this
16)Dudley's first lick of peanut butter off my finger
17)encouragement from my husband
18)knowledge that 'this too shall pass'
19)comfort and safety of my home
20)long awaited, dream filled sleep



  1. Beautiful picture! I am sure your patient and his or her family appreciated the kindness and compassion you shared with them during his or her time with you. I was just adding a joy of rain to my gift journal as well! Great minds think alike!

  2. Oh Shay, I had no idea of what k ind of nursing you did until I just read this. My dad is in the Alzheimer's unit at the Masonic Village in E lizabethtown. I know personally how horrible dementia is, and so appreciate the medical staff that tends to him. I hope your patient's family appreciates you :). On a different note...I wanted to send you an email message so you could have my email address to let me know if you are ever down in the Philly area (or WANT to come to take photos)...or so that I could contact you if/when I'm up in Lancaster. But I couldn't find an email address for you on your information. So here's mine...