Sunday, June 17, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

it's been so long.
not blogging has felt like i lost a friend.
a part of me.
so i called my girl on friday and told her this weeks prompts were a challenge and we needed to 'get back on the horse and ride'! ok, not in those words per! she may have rode the other way!
 i picked her up and we headed into the city for about an hour.
that's all we needed:-)

enough babble; i need to share my HUNT!

1)meet me at the corner
love the angle and perspective i get with old, rusty iron gates!

2)mother nature meets technology
flower stands made with old..i don't

3)one step at a time
high school graduate, my amazing son, starting his future 'one step at a time'!

4)what's wrong with this picture my eyes anyway! loved the purity of queen anne's lace against this rusty old gate. i also loved the angle of this iron fence and the blur of the lilies in the background.
not perfect, but i LOVE them!

5)standing tall
i also love old, TALL, architecture!
lot's of it around here.

so there is our quick HUNT trip to the city for an hour!
hope putting together this post makes me miss blogging even more so i will get back on that horse and ride!


Saturday, June 16, 2012

the chance to be 'me'

most days i know what is expected of me.
wife, mom, daughter, friend, nurse.
the days run into each other.
years go by.
when i started this blog on my 'verge of turning 40' i knew i was finding 'me'.
trying to discover where my life was going.
and who i wanted to be.
trying to choose my path.
make wiser decisions.

so many things have happened in this past year.
good things.
not so good things.
all in all, many blessings.
to many to list.

i know in my heart of hearts what direction i want my life to go.
the problem is how to make it happen.
my desire, passion, creative vision are all there.
it's just the financial hurdles.
i remember several weeks ago i was on a dinner break at work and just happened to drive by a photographer in the middle of a shoot on the side of the road. surrounded by wildflowers.
i was jealous.
really jealous.
knowing i was on my way back to the paycheck that supports my family.
the much needed paycheck.
but, so totally jealous!
i didn't know her circumstances.
but she looked so happy doing what she obviously loved.
i wanted to be in her shoes.
to jump off my road and take the side road i have not travelled.

i cannot change the 'wife, mom, daughter, friend' part of me.
nor would i ever want to.
but i do want change.

i want to have the chance to be