Sunday, November 17, 2013

Psalm 147: 3-6

s:(scripture) 'He heals the heartbroken and bandages their wounds. He counts the stars and assigns each a name. Our Lord is great, with limitless strength. We'll never comprehend what He knows and does. God puts the fallen on their feet again.'

o:(observation) Wow! So much of this passage speaks to me right now. It tells me I have a healing God. That if He counts and names every star in the sky, then little old me, in this great big universe, is known by Him and important to Him. That I may never understand the 'why' of what I am facing. And that He will rise me up on my feet again. I should be in total AWE of His greatness, His ability to heal, His ability to know ME. Wow!

a:(application) Oh does this passage apply to me. Not only do I need physical healing but emotional as well. Because I am human. I question 'why' when my faith tells me I shouldn't. Because I am impatient in the waiting for the reason, the purpose. I'm angry. I'm weary. I'm tired. But this passage to me is all about my faith. I need to be able to look in the mirror, truly look at myself, the way my God sees me. Allow myself to love 'me', like He does, even now. Remind myself that He sees me. He knows. He feels my pain. He understands my questioning heart. Believe, with everything in me, that only He has the power to heal my weary body and my struggling heart. And know and understand that His idea of healing may not be my own. This passage is a lesson of not depending on this world, but completely on Him. I put too much faith in so many things of this world and not enough on Him.

p:(prayer) 'Lord..I know I fail you daily. I know I am terrible about coming to you only when I'm in desperate need. I'm asking for your help here. I need you to light a spark. I need you to wrap your faithful arms around me, like the petals of this sunflower. Protect me with your arms until You are ready for me to shine once again. Remind me that you 'know' everything about me and still love me as your most precious child. Please be with me in my pain. Replace the anger and hurt with love and acceptance. And show me how to move forward in a way that pleases you, a way that honors you. Show me that I cannot do this alone. I fall daily and You are the only one that has the strength to help me rise to my feet again each morning. Show me where my importance is now and how I can be a blessing to others since my life has changed. Use this change for Your good. Thank you for Your unfailing love and endless blessings in my life.

I recently found this 'SOAP' method of learning and understanding scripture on an Instagram post. I researched it and I felt led to utilize my love of photography and blogging as part of this learning method. 


Friday, November 15, 2013

A look Into My Nesting Place

funny how we girls feel the urge to 'nest' at so many
different times in our lives. i truly feel men don't have this need. and they
certainly don't 'get it'.
i think it's the need to feel comfort in our own space.
especially in our homes.
and especially when we are facing trying times.
we need that spot where we can curl up,
get warm, think, pray, be creative and be

i finally had to put aside the physical and emotional
turmoil that has been running every moment of every day..
and build 'my nest'. (with a little help of course)
all 3 men in my home didn't 'get it'
and there was a ton of grumbling.
but upon completion they were in awe at my creation
and that made me smile.

i got it done just before my surgery yesterday and i 
long for the moment that i can light a candle, light a fire,
curl up, be warm and be comfortable.
but for now, i will enjoy just seeing it.
because it speaks to me
and welcomes me in.

i long to be healed.
i long to be curled up.
i long to be warm and safe.
until then..
enjoy a look into
'my nesting place'.


Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Market Wall

this hand painted wall is tucked into
this little nook by the market 
in the city.
i stumbled upon it one day and was immediately 
the texture.
the old paint.
but what drew me the most was the people.
and what was the artist trying to show those that
stumbled upon it.

for me..
the sadness in the faces tugged at my soul.
i saw 'me' some days
in her face.
heartache, loss, pain, suffering.
yet i find her strikingly beautiful.

a woman's heart and soul is a vessel into 
her being.

i plan on venturing back to this market wall soon.
to spend more time on capturing the beauty of it.



Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Hunt Of Our Own

so my bff photog and i came up with a plan in
order to get our creative juices flowing again
AND get our cameras out of hiding.
6 prompts in a week.
3 mine.
3 hers.
i have to admit i was excited over 
the idea.
but Wednesday came and i was like 'ugh'.

so despite of this uncanny weather,
i pushed through.
shot all 6 right inside my
warm, dry home.
here's to sticking with this Thelma..
so we can get outta
this funk we are in!

blue, vintage, fiber
crazy, happy, love

love these antique candle holders i found

i was SO blessed to receive my Great Nana's
vintage knitting needles

think i am a little addicted to fiber!
colors, textures, the feel..oh my!

yeah, crazy about fine yarns!

part of a print my boys got me as a gift..
full of words to live by!

this is my favorite picture of 'me' as
a little girl. my Daddy took it.
on the left, my Mama as a little girl.

there's my first 'Thelma & Louise'
hunt captures!

all things that speak to me and hold close to my heart!

i will blog.
i will blog.
i will blog.

have a blessed week!


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Thelma & Louise

i have been feeling a little down lately.
time and jobs has kept me from spending time with my 
best friend.

we share so many dreams and goals.
then life gets in the way.

but i feel inspired.
we spent the day together at a camera class.
talking shop, learning.
and i think it lit a little spark.

we are some team!

here's to making sure we find moments, brief as they may be,
to spend time.
pursuing our passion.

we met knew people today that assumed we have
been best friends since we were children.
and although that time frame is far from the truth,
i can say it feels like we have known each other

we complete each other.
and i am SO very thankful and blessed God
crossed our paths at just the right time.


(aka: Louise or Weezy)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

“The eye through which I see God is the same eye through which God sees me; my eye and God's eye are one eye, one seeing, one knowing, one love. If eyes are windows to the soul then tears are Heaven's rain."

when reflecting on my quick morning shoot,
these photographs stood out.
i have always felt a horses eyes were 
deep windows.
almost always appearing mysteriously sad.
and painfully beautiful.
so out of all i captured,
these are the ones
i felt the need to share.

i saw myself in these eyes today.
for a brief moment.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013


as i reflect on 2012,
the fact that i am posting an image of
myself is proof enough
that i've grown and changed in the last year.

i started a new job.
improved my knitting skills.
built a best 'friendship'.
started charging for photography sessions.
got new equipment for my photography.
(camera, lenses, laptop, upgraded editing software)
survived another year of teenagers.
promised myself i would try harder with my marriage, 
improving it as the years change things, as our children become older.

it was a hard year.
but a good year as i reflect upon it.

was does 2013 have in store?

challenge myself with knitting..going beyond the hat and scarf, learning new stitches..and finishing my son's blanket!
building Studio 139:13, our photography business.
hosting a newborn photography workshop.
learning my new Canon, inside and out.
reading more.
blogging more.
getting my RN degree (unless Studio 139:13 soars beyond our wildest dreams)
deep cleaning every room in our home and getting rid of SO much unnecessary stuff!
continue to build my marriage.
help my oldest son find himself and become a man.
help my youngest son continue to grow and mature.
moving mama to PA.
learning to love 'ME'.

not resolutions.
just goals, dreams, wishes.

happy new year!