Friday, November 15, 2013

A look Into My Nesting Place

funny how we girls feel the urge to 'nest' at so many
different times in our lives. i truly feel men don't have this need. and they
certainly don't 'get it'.
i think it's the need to feel comfort in our own space.
especially in our homes.
and especially when we are facing trying times.
we need that spot where we can curl up,
get warm, think, pray, be creative and be

i finally had to put aside the physical and emotional
turmoil that has been running every moment of every day..
and build 'my nest'. (with a little help of course)
all 3 men in my home didn't 'get it'
and there was a ton of grumbling.
but upon completion they were in awe at my creation
and that made me smile.

i got it done just before my surgery yesterday and i 
long for the moment that i can light a candle, light a fire,
curl up, be warm and be comfortable.
but for now, i will enjoy just seeing it.
because it speaks to me
and welcomes me in.

i long to be healed.
i long to be curled up.
i long to be warm and safe.
until then..
enjoy a look into
'my nesting place'.


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  1. Sooooo happy to see you post again.,,you have been missed my friend :)