Tuesday, January 1, 2013


as i reflect on 2012,
the fact that i am posting an image of
myself is proof enough
that i've grown and changed in the last year.

i started a new job.
improved my knitting skills.
built a best 'friendship'.
started charging for photography sessions.
got new equipment for my photography.
(camera, lenses, laptop, upgraded editing software)
survived another year of teenagers.
promised myself i would try harder with my marriage, 
improving it as the years change things, as our children become older.

it was a hard year.
but a good year as i reflect upon it.

was does 2013 have in store?

challenge myself with knitting..going beyond the hat and scarf, learning new stitches..and finishing my son's blanket!
building Studio 139:13, our photography business.
hosting a newborn photography workshop.
learning my new Canon, inside and out.
reading more.
blogging more.
getting my RN degree (unless Studio 139:13 soars beyond our wildest dreams)
deep cleaning every room in our home and getting rid of SO much unnecessary stuff!
continue to build my marriage.
help my oldest son find himself and become a man.
help my youngest son continue to grow and mature.
moving mama to PA.
learning to love 'ME'.

not resolutions.
just goals, dreams, wishes.

happy new year!



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