Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Here Today Gone Tomorrow....

what is on my mind today? i haven't posted my eucharisteo items in 10 days. it always amazes me, when life gets slightly off kilter and is weighing you down, how easy it is to not make note of the eucharisteo that is right before you.
so i sit here this morning in my comfy chair by the fireplace. in awe of the sun streaming through the window, as i have not seen it in days. and tell myself, 'think back over the last 10 days and find the eucharisteo that you didn't give credit to'.
our troubles, thank the good Lord, are here today and gone tomorrow, like a vapor in the wind. and each day He gives us a new day. like this icicle i caught yesterday. it's gone this morning. so i am so thankful i was able to appreciate it yesterday. (i am loving these pics!) so without any further babbling, let's get to it...i believe i left off at 31.

31)inner nudges when i am getting off track
32)strength of my son when it's so VERY hard
33)a dear friend who always sees the sunny side
34)snowfall when the rest of the world is sleeping
35)rest, thank God for peaceful rest
36)sunset in frigid air
37)laughter surrounding me
38)being able to capture God's creation through my camera lens
39)the ability to see what others may not
40)four random hearts in one random day
41)seeing a cross in snow footprints out my kitchen window this morning
42)tired puppy at the end of the day snuggled up on my shoulder
43)chocolate of course
44)teenage girls on fire for the Lord
45)God laying His mission on your heart
46)starting to see my heart as beautiful
47)learning in the looking back
48)wisdom with age
49)the love of the men in my life
50)new beginnings with promise

51)scripture that is shown to you at just the right time
52)my dear husband loves to cook
53)the gift of song
54)lyrics that move me
55)the chorus you can't get out of your head for a reason you may not understand right away
56)being a mother
57)beautiful memories of my father
58)love of my mother
59)so thankful she is still here with me
60)what's in store for my life

61)creative mind
62)doors being opened
63)second chances
64)paths laid out before me
65)courage to pursue my dreams
66)faith in my heavenly Father
67)hope in new things
68)peaceful moments to reflect
69)TRUST that He will guide me and catch me when I fall



  1. Wow...you are on a roll...a cinnamon roll! LOL! Beautiful pictures of God's beautiful creation...just like you! I am so proud of you for finding joy in life's little things...you have an amazing family that is so lucky to call you mom!

    1. Joy in life's little things....love that!

  2. These are beautiful Shay! Thank you so much for your uplifting comment on my blog this morning.

  3. Beautiful photos and beautiful thoughts.