Sunday, January 1, 2012

Memories, Dreams & Reflections 2011

linking up with Ashley over at Ramblings & Photos. this is the first time i have participated in Memories, Dreams & Reflections. there are 25 prompts! i started my blog this past summer as a way to journal my 31 days until i turned 40 and it blossomed from there. so enjoy my look back from August until now as i reflect on my blog/photographic journey for 2011.

1) Me~
i am the most proud of moving forward on this journey of mine with hope and grace. starting EOTS and pushing myself to learn and get out there. of making myself be creative daily, because if i don't the little dark cloud appears over me. turning 40!
taking more time for myself and learning to reflect on my life in a positive way, a wiser way. waking up to life differently and seeing God's amazing creations every where i look through my camera lens.

2) I Love You~
mr. H. my best friend for almost 19 years!

3) Still Laughing~
my cow pics are some of the funniest experiences i've had (to me i guess LOL). like the tongue up the nose or the amish man laughing at me as i was taking pics of his holsteins as he went by in his buggy!

4) Winter Wonderland~
my little Christmas gift that has filled my heart with SO much love and joy!

5) Birthday~
my first official newborn shoot. seemed fitting to use as this prompt. new life in this child and new life as a beginning for me.

6) Friends~
i love that my boys have always been close. yes they fight. but not only are they brothers, they are friends!

7) I Was Inspired~
i love finding random hearts that others may not notice. i feel they are a blessing to remind me of how much i am loved by my Savior and my family. they inspire me to love more deeply.

8) Spring Fever~
one of my favorite flowers!

9) Travel or Vacation~
glorious week this summer in Maine. i did not want to come home. i felt very much at peace there. my imaginary cabin is just off this lake. waiting for me to return.

10) Summer Days~
   ....blueberry pickin....

11) A Day In My Life~
always includes faith and prayer.

12) All Smiles~
my little man of course!

13) Autumn Harvest~
my favorite season!

14) Family or Home~

15) Celebrate~
teenagers uniting to serve GOD should give us all reason to celebrate!
(I must apologize. In my rush to get these prompts posted, I did not include next to this photo that I was not the photographer. It was taken on the mission where my boys were partaking in. BUT, I loved the photo and it seemed the perfect prompt.)

16) Let's Do It Again~
bokeh? what's that? oh my? this is sooo cool! you have created a 'bokeh' monster!

17) I Miss You~
our girl Hannah lost her battle with lymphatic cancer last June. our home has an emptiness that can never be filled. we all miss you terribly Hannah girl.

18) Beautiful~
need i say more?

19) Dress Up~
one of my favorite shots from Homecoming this year!

20) Macro~
seriously? i'm supposed to find a favorite?

21) Holidays~
put myself out there. became a brave photographer. sneaking ornament shots in the shops i LOVE CHRISTmas tooo!

22) My Favorite~
okay. so i decided to pick 2 of my favorites from my first and only photo shoots of the year. here's to more to come!

23) Don't Ever Change~
a tribute to my oldest son who turns 18 this February. he is about to embark on his own journey. wishing he always has a fire burning for God and uses his God given talent to spread God's message!

24) Just Because~
my journey has made my eyes open to so many things i may have never noticed before. i am so much more in tune with God's creation through the lens of my camera.

25) Hopes & Dreams~
my hope is to grow and prosper on my next journey. for my family to be blessed beyond measure and to seek God first in everything they do. my! been doing that a long time. but this year is the year to take the first step in making them come true. with hope & faith. this photo represents His promise to us. if we just believe.

blessings to you all in 2012.
looking forward to sharing this new year with you all.



  1. Celebrate and I Miss You sent shivers up my spine. beautiful! Happy New Year!

  2. Sigh....seriously fantastic set! I think I oohed and aaaahed over each one of them. But I LAUGHED at the cows! Cracked me up the first time you posted and STILL cracks me up.


  3. You took so many incredible captures this past year - those cows especially crack me up!

  4. Love your cows I'm still laughing. Awesome set!

  5. Love, Love the shot of YYR and the crosses...I have the same one!

  6. Such great photos - I love that newborn shot!