Saturday, December 31, 2011

Flying Off In My Own Direction....

okay. so i have never been one to read directions and tend to fly off in my own little direction. finally got down to slicing up some cardboard this afternoon in attempts to make my own light box. my blog friend Kathy over at 'You'll Shoot Your Eye Out' has taken some amazing pics this holiday season and i wanted in on the action. instructions, no do it right.
didn't cut out the top and didn't have poster board. but..i still needed to play after all. before i begin again that is.
here's a few of my attempts...

so excited for what 2012 has in store. my mind is exploding with newborn photography plans which i hope will be a blossoming new adventure for me. and i am excited about continuing on my photographic journey!



  1. Well, for NOT following directions...not too shabby my friend! :) Have fun! My Better Half says I would stick my dogs in a light box if I had one large enough! I'm now looking for a refrigerator box, haha.


  2. I can always count on you. That's funny. My dear hubby asked if I was going to put Dudley in the box. Great minds think alike. But let's not tell them that. Lol

  3. I love that gilded partridge...good luck with your new ventures! Happy New Year!!!