Sunday, December 4, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

SHS again with Ashley Sisk over at Ramblings & Photos!
this weeks prompts are "Potrait, Nostalgic, Time, Full Of Light and Motion".
here we go......

1) Portrait~

this is part of a portrait my son gave me for Christmas last year, a charcoal sketch from a candid photo of me that hangs framed in my studio. (i cropped out the part where i am sticking my tongue out at him..didn't want to scare you all~LOL)

2) Nostalgic~

Nostalgic is an adjective meaning to describe a memorable time in one's life or of a different time that has a sentimental meaning. One would say when you are homesick for a place, or land, or going home, you are having nostalgic feelings for that place.

my father took this photo of my Mom when i was a little girl. i have it hanging in my LR with other B&W family photos. i want to jump right into the memory, sitting at her feet as she reads to my little brother and i in front of the Christmas tree. i can almost smell treats baking in the oven. such a simple time.

3) Time~
(Christmas time)

my Mom and i LOVE LOVE LOVE mercury glass. so much that i leave some of it out all year long. but it feels to me like a time gone by...vintage Christmas.

4)Full Of Light~

these candles were floating in an old antique bath sink. omgosh i LOVED it. but the tub wasn't for sale, so of course i brought home a few candles. discovered this quaint little shop in Maytown. can't wait to go back!

5) Motion~

i love rain. rain drops. the sound. and even the feel of a rainy day. it evokes emotion. memories of tomato soup and grilled cheese. i love to capture the motion of a single rain drop on a leaf or twig. the background color in this photo also felt very fluid to me. maybe it's not 'motion' to some. but it's 'motion' to me.
one day, my cabin/cottage tucked away in the woods will have a tin roof, so i can listen to the pitter patter of raindrops above. what a soothing sound it will be.

wishing you all a blessed week as we get ready for the holidays!

as always i love to here your comments. stay tuned, i got an early Christmas present that my camera is dying to capture!!!



  1. Great photos!
    I especially like the candles floating in the sink!
    Have a blessed Sunday!

  2. You outdid yourself this week! I am totally with you on the mercury glass...and I leave some out all year too. Love your "nostalgic" interpretation and narration. What a beautiful memory, isn't it amazing how something simple can so easily and quickly transport you to another pl and time? One of the reasons why I love photography so much, the ability to transport. Happy Sunday to you!


  3. What a great set - really love your first two shtos.

  4. Nice set! Love the nostalgia, and portrait.

  5. Love your nostalgic photo...its the power of photography...looking at a photo can bring back emotions and amazing.