Sunday, December 18, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

here we are again. boy this week flew by. and still so much to do. but stop, pause and look.
it's time to post our SHS prompts for this week. so click on over and visit Ashley at Ramblings & Photos and check out these amazing artists.

been slacking on my blog posts lately. ugh. but hope you are all doing well and having a blessed holiday season thus far.

without further chatter...
here's my prompts for this week!

1) What Is It?????

Dudley's first snowfall. had to capture those teeny weeny paw prints this morning.

2) Children/Fur Babies Sleeping..

this is lil 'c'. had my first ever newborn shoot last Sunday! knitted this hat just for the shoot then gave it to momma with the photos.

3) Joy...

my biggest joy these last 2 weeks has been my new lil man 'Dudley'. how can you not love that face? 10 weeks old today!
but i also have to include 2 things that i didn't photograph..
my oldest son was accepted into the Art Institute to begin in July for his Bach in Graphic Design..and my youngest son has straight A's this quarter! soooo proud of them both. it has been a year of blessings indeed!

4) Window...

i love stained glass windows in old churches!

5) Half..

half a seagull?

let me explain! the boys needed to run into a store yesterday, a secret mission, 'Mom, it's Christmas!' assuming it was shopping for me, i had to hang out in the van. had my camera as i was hoping to get pics of trees in this parking lot with cool red berries on them. anyway...the parking lot was full of seagulls. now being a FLA girl born and raised, it still amazes me to see seagulls in York, PA, far away from the blooming sea! they were being extremely cooperative and photogenic. hence my seagull pics. i remembered i still didn't have a 'half' shot. i know, i am stretching it a bit here! LOL

i'd love to hear from you!



  1. Wow, you hit it out of the park this week! AMAAAAAAAZING set! Simply love the idea that you even THOUGHT to take a photo of your Dudley's pawprints in the snow, it is just brilliant! And that baby photo, you are one talented lady! And your "half" fun! And I admit that I thought the same thing whenever I would see seagulls in BERKS county! What the heck? Don't they know that only COWS live there? haha. Happy holidays!


  2. Thanks Kathy! You always make me feel great! Merry Christmas! One of my plans this new year is to meet up with you!

  3. Sorry to post this link on your comment thread, but I couldn't find an email for you. Here is a link to the tutorial on creating your own light box. Have fun!


  4. P.S. Just saw your comment above...I head up to Elizabethtown all the time to visit my mom and dad...we should meet up!


  5. Seagulls amaze me too, and I live by the Gulf. But I just love birds, nice set!


  6. I like your half seagull! Very cute. And your window is really pretty!

  7. Awww I love your sleeping shot - so sweet.

  8. These are all great - your baby sleeping shot is just amazing. That HAT too, is a work of art! The seagull butt shot cracked me up ;D

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