Monday, January 23, 2012

Beauty At The Core

you will see no petals of color, smell no breath taking scent, no leaves of green here. it is stripped down of outer beauty, yet..

i found such simple beauty as i photographed this rose bush. this is all that's left of it right now, winter has stripped it down to it's core.

i can't help but ponder this simple beauty and how God sees us. beneath the make up, clothing, perfumes and jewels. He is able to see the simple, yet profound beauty that He created us with.

the beauty beneath the surface. the beauty within.

it's has taken me a very long time to start seeing myself as beautiful. to know and understand that He sees me as beautiful in His eyes.

but i am getting there. beauty is not based on the outward appearance. it's the heart inside. and i think my HEART is BEAUTIFUL!

we don't need a mirror to see our heart. our heart is amazingly beautiful when God resides there. our heart is in our emotions and our random acts of kindness. our hearts exhibit beauty in how we love our families and others.

so today, as i post the photographs of the simple beauty of this rose, i smile and think to myself...

what does being beautiful mean to you?



  1. Beauty to me is hearing my beautiful friend tell me what I already know...she's beautiful!
    Beautiful to me is what is inside of us and shines through. God made each and every one of us beautiful! Beautiful pictures and beautiful friend!

  2. These are all fabulous, but you knocked it out of the park with that last one. Love the faint bokeh in the background and the soft DOF. Beautiful.