Sunday, April 1, 2012


i hate it when i miss a week of SHS.
i think i was just in a fog last week, being my first week off and adjusting to leaving a job i was at almost 7 years.
but here i am this week!
i start my new job on Monday!
so without further babble about 'me', here are my takes on this weeks prompts!

loved the pink against the blue skies with these apple and dogwood blossoms! getting clouds for this prompt was just a bonus!

still working on capturing 'sun' shots!

6 workhorses + 1 Amish farmer = 7
4)high angle
on my trip to Phili last Sunday i was able to capture some amazing old architecture. i was in texture heaven. plus i got to meet some special and talented fellow SHS bloggers!

5)low angle

 i would love to hear from you!
hope everyone has a blessed week!



  1. Seven is my how you subtlely framed with the tree. I can see how you couldn't resist the pink vs. blue. A little envious of that trip to Philly...sounds like you all had a great time.

  2. Love the seven shot! And the pink flowers against the blue sky are gorgeous.

  3. I too love your "seven" and think your sun flare is quite nice as well.

  4. Gorgeous shots! Love the last one, and the Amish farmer with the horses is great.

  5. Great set! Love your seven shot!

  6. Wow...where do I start?
    First I am sad I missed the orchard and Amish farmer but thank you for sharing the images with's almost as if I was there with you.

    But wow...these pictures are super love love them all!

  7. Shay all that time you spent in Philly and I'm adoring your Amish shot! It's def on my bucket list to get some photos of the Amish, love that you were able to capture this one :)

  8. Shay,
    What gorgeous photos!!!! The sun flare is really perfect.

  9. These are really really amazing! Love the composition of the high angle shot!

  10. Seven is my favorite, but I also like the architecture of that old building and the great texture of that peeling paint.

  11. Congrats on the new job and beautiful photos this week!

  12. Your pictures are wonderful. I love all your interpretations.

  13. Super Set.
    Loved your 7 shot - Top Pick
    but I also enjoyed the High and Low Angle shots, lots of great texture in those.

  14. Excellent series of images! I like all of them.

  15. My favorites the angles, love the old buildings.

  16. These are wonderful, Shay! I really love that last one...and the horse-shot (I woulda guessed mules) is too creative. Great hunt, my friend!

  17. Gorgeous! I love your Seven shot!