Sunday, April 15, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

busy, busy week for me here again.
lucky to steal a few hours with my photobud yesterday and shoot a little. i was having withdrawal..hadn't shot with her in over 3 weeks! thanks Wendy for making the afternoon happen!
so without anymore babble, let's get to my SHS prompts for this week!

this horse had the most simple face but it was strikingly beautiful to me. i wanted to get closer to the fence to shoot but was a little leary of the farmer that my photobud was asking to shoot his corn cob!

oats are grain, right?
an archive shot from my trip to Phili

if you read my last post, i am striving to have my camera with me all the time. i cannot and won't leave it in my van. so..i had to start looking for another bag that would hold my camera and lenses, my kindle, maybe my laptop if needed as well as purse stuff.
searched the bags on the internet but they were kind of pricey for me right now. so..i went to the Vera Bradley sale rack and started looking, opening, imagining.
i found one (of course).
so here is a tiny shot of the stitching.
can't wait to load it up! 
(Vera..can you please make some camera and knitting bags? Thanks!)

had to go to the archives for this one too.
i guess i could have come up with a new shot, but i love this baby girl and her bubbles!

thanks for stopping by!
i am off to see all the other amazing prompts for this week!



  1. Oh my goodness. SO in love with the horse! And the baby. Beautiful as can be! : )

  2. great finds! love the expression on the baby girl's face.

  3. Shay...I am sooo glad you went to the archives for that bubble shot. Honest to goodness, it is just downright beautiful. I love the lighting on her face, the glimmer in the bubble and the light (and sense of wonder) in her eyes. Kudos my friend :)

  4. What a sweet bubble. And the transportation is wonderful.

  5. Aw your bubble shot is so sweet ;) I really wanted to see the horses face but it wouldn't load for me :(

  6. Oh yes, that bubble shot is perfect in every way! And there is something about your transportation shot that just keeps pulling me back, great job!

  7. Beautiful horse shot! Baby girl and the bubble is gorgeous, too!

  8. Great group of shots - each one. The horse's face is so simple, yet so distinctly different, the bike sign is very unique, your camera bag choice (Vera Bradley in general) is perfect for stitch, and your bubble shot is the cherry on top. Great group!

  9. I love your bubble picture! Beautiful! And I love those bike stands in Philly, great shot!

  10. Your transportation shot is my favourite! Great selection x

  11. Beautiful shots. I was drawn in by your transportation shot. Bubble is precious, and I hear you on a bag to carry the camera..I'm on the hunt as well.

  12. Great set, Shay! Loved the simple and stitch shots!

  13. My dear friend...I am so glad we were able to catch up this week! I had so much fun hunting with you this week.
    Now on to the pictures...Love the bubble can you not just love that sweet baby girl with those adorable pig tails! Transportation: great minds must think alike because I was tempted to use the exact same picture! Simple: those horses were beautiful and I do wish we could have gotten closer!

  14. bubble is adorable - but I love your whole set!

  15. Love your simple, transportation and bubble shots!

    I need a new camera bag too. Mine is just too small for all the stuff I want to take with me!

  16. Great set! Love your transportation!

  17. oooh what a beautiful set - really love simple and stitch.

  18. Beautiful shots - love Stitch!

  19. Very nice set.
    Loved your Bubble, Simple and Transportation shots.

  20. Great photos..i love the bubbles...fantastic shot!!! The horse is great, too.

  21. Beatiful photos ! I particulary love the grain and transportation :D