Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Open Door

i find this to be so true in my life. if i dwell on the door God has already closed for me, i cannot see past, or, may not even 'see' for that matter, the door He is opening for me.

i have been in situations, places on my journey, where the negativity and entire atmosphere is so forceful that it has sucked me in, and i accept that place, that frame of mind. as if there is nothing more out there. trust me, when that happens, your faith is tried, over and over and over. and it is so easy to lose sight, to not see the 'light'. to miss your prayer of desperation, that is clearly being answered right before your eyes.

how many opportunities have we all missed..
because we were so focused on the door that we should of closed instead of the door He was opening right before us?

in the last 2 days, i am becoming more aware of answered prayer.
of the incredible, incredible blessing He has placed before me.
the answer came in His own time, certainly not mine. years. but the door He has opened before me was SO worth the wait. it was a time of learning. hard, painful lessons.
i know that now. in that time, i believe He was strengthening me.

this post is to encourge you to believe, to keep praying, to expect blessings because that is what God promises His children.
and when He is ready to answer..
drop to your knees in thanksgiving!!

He will place you where He wants you.
He brought us all here for a purpose.
His will be done, not ours.
think about that.
when you take control and do 'your will', you go against all the blessings and desires He has for you.

He knows your talents, skills, heart and soul.
He knows where He needs you to be.
'For You created my inmost being, You knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY made!'
Psalm 139:13-14



  1. Wow...so true Shay. I know God has opened an awesome door for you. I can hear it in your voice when you talk to me about your new door. God has placed you in the spot He wants you to be. Your patients are so lucky to have you.
    Now on to that picture...holy wow! Love it!
    Another grand slam out of the park!

  2. Breathtaking photo matched with perfect words. Best wishes as you walk through a new door.