Sunday, April 22, 2012

All is right...

my days are filled with rowdy, teenage boys. running around like a crazy woman. work. bills. trying to keep a household of testosterone calm as they all try to be 'men'.
it can be nuts. and most days i just want to sit and breathe.
it goes by SO fast and i feel like i miss so much of the important stuff.

but today..

all felt right.
an emotional and moving morning at youth Sunday. watching my boys and other teens shine their light from their God-filled hearts.
i sat there and really saw that i am doing something right in raising my family.
we all took a Sunday afternoon nap as the rain fell.
today was full of love and laughter.
it felt right..good.
my heart felt full.
as it should everyday when life doesn't get in the way.

i will not forget today or the moments in it.
the tender love and attention of my husband. the laughter and love between my sons. the pride of being the woman in their lives.

thank you God for reminding me today of all You have blessed me with, for all the blessings you bestow upon me everyday, even when i don't seem to notice.



  1. Shay your boys are so amazing and are becoming wonderful young men. I am sure it is because of your love and guidance that they have and continue to grow in their walk with Christ. They are true beacons of HIS light. I am so honored to have them in my life and even more thankful that God saw it fit to make our paths cross. I am so glad you were able to join us this morning and capture some images from the service.

    1. Ok bring me kleenex and mint chocolate chip ice cream. It takes a village my friend and we are so blessed to have you in ours!

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