Friday, March 23, 2012

this morning my plan was to drag out my paints, brushes, inks, stamps, papers and all other goodies in my studio to start painting, then photographing some of my own textures.
yes, i am on a roll.
i didn't get past pulling out 2 containers of paper.
i kind of have a thing for paper.
(i kind of have a thing for lots of things actually, LOL)

i just started snapping shots of papers.
114 shots later and uploaded onto my hard drive,
i have a huge file of textures to choose from.
do i plan on designing my own?
of course.
for today, i've got some ready to play with.

this is a holstein, pulled from my archives, textured with one of the papers i shot!

simple, but i love it!

here's to getting YOUR creating juices flowing today!



  1. You really ARE on a roll! I think this job hiatus is really working for ya :)

  2. I can see you are enjoying this mini how can we do this all the time?!