Sunday, March 11, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

SHS with Ashley again!
i didn't get to participate last week. which totally bummed me out. my SD card corrupted after a photo shoot, leaving me with almost 800 photos lost.
but i am back again! thanks to my BFF wendy, who took me back to Middle Creek for a repeat shoot. and as she promised, this one was even better!
here are my takes on this week's prompts..

the lake at Middle Creek is in the background of these 'fogotten flowers'. boy am i loving manual focus!

did i say i am LOVING manual focus? just love the haze and how the sun was setting on these 'forgotten flowers'.

this collie was visiting Middle Creek too.
LOVED how the setting sun gleamed on his fur, so i snuck a shot of him.

more shots from our Middle Creek shoot. if i was hanging with these snow geese, i would certainly feel crowded. i mean, 65,000?

if you know me, you know i have chocolate everyday. it is a MUST!
so i thought i would be photographing actual chocolate. BUT on our way home from our Middle Creek shoot, i remembered we would drive by Wilbur Chocolate Factory in Lititz. so my bud pulled over and we snapped a few shots.

thanks for stopping by. as always i'd love to hear from you.
sure did miss you all last week.

be blessed!


  1. Wow!! What a beautiful set!!
    And sorry about all of those photos you lost...I think I would have cried.
    Happy Sunday to you :)

  2. WoW!! i love them all!! way to blow my crowded way out of the park ;)))
    i think i love the collie best, it would have worked for light as well!!

  3. Those "FOrgotten Flower" shots are so dreamy! I have a REALLY hard time with Manual Focus. I THINK I've got it nailed, and then when I get home and view it on my computer screen I have NO IDEA how I thought I was even CLOSE to being focussed....ARGH! You've definetly got it down tho. Great job! You still planning to come to Philly on the 25th? If so, if there is somewhere in particular you would like to go let me know :)

  4. All of these are Excellent images, and I really enjoyed them. I took a break from SHS last weekend, intentionally, and could not wait to get back into it. It is addicting!

  5. The pictures from your photoshoot turned out great. My favorites are the two you selected for you light shot. So beautiful!

  6. Fantastic shots!!!! I love the water and light.

  7. Oh my friend...what words can I use to describe the beauty you captured in each of these pictures? What a grand slam! It's funny how we both were at the same spot but both captured different pictures! Love the collie and the forgotten flowers! But I must say I think my favorite ones are the chocolate pictures...oh the story behind those! Thanks for another great week of capturing memories!

  8. WOW - is there anything else left to say. You nailed it.

  9. This is an amazing set. Love those water pictures, the SOOC shot is truly unbelievable. Beautiful!

  10. Your light shots are gorgeous! And those bird shots are amazing too.

  11. These are all great shots, and the crowded... that is REALLY crowded! Nicely done!