Monday, March 26, 2012

A Day In Phili: Part 2

pardon the long post, but i have to take my mama to phili. well, as i saw it through my lens anyway. which is how i think she would have seen it, if she had been there.
we are, after all, one in the same.
and for that i am blessed.
so mama, sit down with a cup of tea and some goldfish, maybe a handful or two of m&m's and enjoy Phili for a moment.
wish you had been there!

so there you go mama!
hoped you enjoyed your visit!
had a hard time choosing out of 531 photos, so you can see rest on other posts.

love you to the moon and pray you can come up for good soon!



  1. Aunt Shayla! These pictures are fantastic! I absolutely adore them. You've got a great eye for detail! I LOVE them!

    1. Thanks so much baby girl! Wish we were closer so we could shoot together...<3

  2. I find it sooooo incredibly interesting to see a different viewpoint on something that "I" saw too. Incredible job Shay. I ADORE that first shot of the flag from below. You are so far ahead of me in going thru your photos. I've got to go work on mine now :)

  3. I'm not sure we were on the same walk....hahaha! Your shots are incredible - I can't pick a favorite! Simply amazing. I sure have a lot to learn :) Thanks for sharing the day.