Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Day in Phili

spent the day in Phili today. first time.
i drove up this morning with my photo bud, wendy, and we met up with fellow bloggers, kathy and kathy.
we had a great time.

531 photos later.
captured some amazing architecture/texture shots.
spring blossoms and birds.
but as i looked through my shoot, this guy captured my heart and i have decided he is my 'shot of the day'.
i don't know his name.
he was just out for a leisurely stroll with his owner.

thanks so much to you Phili girls for hosting us.
can't wait to get together again!

off to bed. i'm wooped!
more Phili shots to come.



  1. Glad you made it home safe, thanks for a fun day! This guy looked touch but he was really very sweet. I love the expression you caught. Can't wait to see more!

  2. oops ...that was supposed to be "tough" not "touch"

  3. Man are QUICK to post photos from our day! Wasn't this guy such a cuuuuutie! I didn't take any photos of him tho, didn't want my dogs to get jealous :)