Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Right Where I Belong

i was trying to capture a robin this afternoon.
i got this little critter instead.
as i uploaded a few photos onto my computer,
i saw him.
and then i saw 'me'.
or how i feel, not sure if that makes sense.

a part of my journey in this life has ended. i truly felt as if there would never be an end to the road i was on. i am referring to my job here. but my last shift was Sunday night. i have been home two days now and already feel the life shining in me again. i will not go into explaining the previous road i was on, no need to dwell on that anymore. so you may not ever understand this post. but i do.

i have taken two weeks off before my new 'job' journey begins.
i time for me to relax.
to be still.
to catch up.
to look in the mirror and find me.
to feel home.
to enjoy snuggling up in my bed each night, thankful for my blessings and get peaceful rest.

so when i saw this little critter, all snuggled up on the tree branch, looking like he was right where he belonged, i saw me.

i am right where i belong.


p.s. hi Nana! this is for you!


  1. Love the new look of your blog...so bright and cheerful :). Congrats on your new journey beginnin, and enjoy your relaxation and contentment :)

  2. I appreciate your perspective on life here. Amazing how nature reflects back to us what we need to see. Kind of catches us breathless at times. I think you have chosen a wise path, to rest and take care of yourself before your new adventure begins. Best of luck to you!

    And thanks for your kind comment on my blog today.

    1. Thanks Deb! I have worked night shift most of my nursing career. My boys are 15 & 18 now, growing older and becoming men. Not that I am done raising them, but I also know it is time I start taking better care of 'me'. Your right, nature and the things we are able to capture via our lenses, what most cannot see, do leave us breathless and I love how we are able to look at our captures and relate them to ourselves, our souls!
      Have a blessed evening!