Thursday, March 22, 2012

Making Your Own Textures

i, by no means, call myself skilled, when it comes to texture. with that being said, i decided that when i was out shooting, i would try to intentionally shoot things to later use as texture/layers. for example; old barns, cobblestone paths, old stone houses. the older, chipped and peeling away, the better in MY eyes.
so, i created a file to simply stash these shots away in, along with a few i have downloaded by Kim Klassen Cafe.

these shots have been waiting for me to play, to be brave, to jump in and learn.
now that a little time is on my side and i am not so foggy in the head, LOL, i've decided to do just that!

here is the original shot of the breathtaking magnolia trees i can't seem to get enough is my new header actually.

and this is the same shot with texture.
the first layer is a shot of old barn siding i took, it caught my eye right away, although the paint was a bright, Kelly green, so i did tweak that a bit with color saturation.
the second layer is by Kim Klassen called, 'and then some'.

what do you think? would love to hear your thoughts!
i will definitely be paying more attention to the amazing photographers i already follow, to learn from them, and maybe search out a few new ones.



  1. That shot of the Magnolia is GORGEOUS! I love it! The texture is great, too...but I'm in love with it just plain!

    Liked your idea of taking photos of naturally occurring textures....I never thought of that!

  2. Thanks so much!!!! I love old stuff and it just popped in my head one day, the idea of barn siding. Now I look all the time to find possible textures to use!!!

  3. Shay, funny you should post this topic...because I JUST started doing this myself. I've taken a few photos of old brick, cobblestones, cement, wood to use for texturing purposes. Great minds :)