Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Am Ready

playing around with a little bit of texture this evening.
i am so thrilled on this new 'job' journey, to be able to have more time to hone in on my photography and learn new skills.
i already feel more alive & productive being home just 2 nights now and knowing i can get peaceful rest every night.
i feel fresh and ready to take on the world.
going to Phili on Sunday to shoot.
i have never been there.
so excited, as Wendy and i will be meeting up with 2 fellow bloggers.
can't wait to meet you Kathy!



  1. I was in E-town today and took soooo many photos of a tree exactly like this :). Hopefully I will get thru them tomorrow. Trying to figure of what to do on Sunday...they are calling for rain :(. Regardless, can't wait to see ya :)

    1. Now MUST speak to someone about this rain issue! LOL
      We will figure out something, no worries! I am sure between the 4 of us we can find something to photograph! See ya soon!

  2. I love this photo...I'm out in Arizona and can't wait to get back home and see the beautiful blooming trees.... Nice job with the texture.