Friday, September 30, 2011

Eyes Wide Open

such a beautiful morning. breezy. air is crisp and cool. leaves falling. the dogwood off my front porch is full of berries which is making the robins go nuts. flying in and out.
but the best part is, i FINALLY captured my favorite little bird. the black capped chickadee. i swear they are like toddlers. can't stay still or in one spot for more than a second. very flighty little things. but i got him this morning. might not be the best photos i have ever taken. but i got him. and i am proud of that. so surely i had to share with you this morning. the more i photograph, the more i stand in such awe of God's creation around us. what we have right in front of our eyes, if we only look. it is bringing me closer to Him. i am blessed. we are blessed. open your eyes.
if the world we live in awes us..i can't even begin to imagine what God's kingdom will look like.

have a blessed, spirit filled day!

1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness Shay, what a beautiful post! Both your words and those photos! What a pretty birdy!! Have a great weekend.