Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Random Hearts

departing flights sadden me. watching mom walk towards the gate puts me in a 'funk' every time. my heart feels heavy with loss and emptiness. Monday was this day for me. on my way home from the airport, as the tears fell, i felt led to drive down an old dirt road before going home. i have been down this old dirt road several times. and still stand amazed at what my eye can see at the most random of moments. i truly believe God leaves me little signs to capture through the lens of my camera, to capture into my heart when it's feeling sad and lonely, to give me that little pick me up, that HUGE reminder that having His love in my life is BIGGER than any 'funk' that may come my way.
so i find myself looking for these little hearts He leaves for me. and always seem to find them when i need them the most.
i love photographing old, rusty barbed wire. this road has a long stretch of it lining the pastures. i have never once, on any of my trips down this road, noticed this little heart weaved so gently into the wire, until Monday that is, just when i needed it the most.

are you looking for the signs He leaves you from time to time? i consider them answers to prayer.


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