Sunday, September 4, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

this is my first hunt with Ramblings & Photos and i was very excited, yet a little intimidated, being amongst so many talented and amazing photographers/artists, to join the hunt. goes~

1)abstract-this is a photo of a rock formation at the sandy river in Maine. abstract in and of itself, but i tweaked a little with color saturation

2)smile~ i cannot take complete credit for this photo, but when i saw it i knew it had to be viewed in this hunt, my son's girlfriend, Sarah, took it during their recent trip to Fla at Disney World. i tweaked it some with cropping and color saturation. but i think it speaks volumes for itself.

3)stairs- behind an antique shop lives several old school buses, the rear door always open and stairs going up to enter, i have never climbed them, as the inside of the buses are just creepy, but i love taking photos of vintage/old/antiques and these old buses catch my eye every time.

4)clouds- i admit, pulled this one out of the archives, but were taken within the last 2 weeks, skies here have been not so appealing to me lately, anyway~ caught some amazing cloud pics in the beautiful state of Vermont!!!

5)macro- my favorite this week:-)

~so there is my first hunt~
thanks for letting me join


  1. Your photos are amazing.....all beautiful and very creative. This is only my second go at SHS......I know what you mean about intimidating, lol.

  2. Welcome to the Scavenger Hunt--I love those old busses!

  3. Love the stairs, and your smile is the best I've seen all day :)

  4. I love your stairs interpretation

  5. Your bus photo is AMAZING!! And that rock formation is so cool! I'm so excited you joined the hunt!!

  6. Ohh, love all the pictures. Especially the abstract and the stairs :)

  7. Your photos are fantastic!!!!! The stairs might be my favorite, but they all are super.