Monday, September 5, 2011

Common Ground

great day. laughter. photographs. friendship. finding common ground. in the heart of Amish country.
the rain could not stop us. in fact it added beautiful stillness to some of our shots.
capturing simplicity at it's finest.
through the lens of my camera.
striving to see, feel, wish.
running off old back roads, turning around and around, back to capture that shot noticed whizzing by, getting a little stuck in a swale ditch and calling dear husband to pull you out (thank goodness we were close to home at that point)
the sunflower field that is closing it's eyes on summer in preparation of fall's crisp arrival
'common ground'
found and now cherished.
memories made.
camera happy today.
my eyes and my heart happy today.


p.s. if this blog is anything like my home, it will be forever changing like the seasons of my old soul. but i am happy with it today. thanks to my son for his patience with me on photoshop. and thanks to all of you for your special comments. i love hearing from all of you. inspiration blooms!

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