Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Scavenger Hunt

time for 'Sunday Scavenger Hunt' over at Ramblings & Photo's again. had a great time this week searching for my photos, a little challenging too. so here goes...

1) Low Key:

2) The Color Wheel: Monochromatic
(this was challenging for me as i have never tried this, love the end results though!)

3) Circle: i am pretty sure this is called 'penny felting' i see it all over the place in Lancaster county, LOVE all the colors in the piece.

4) Scarf:
(love that i was able to capture my mothers hands, this is a scarf in progress)

5) Phone: (struggling with this one, so i'll be back...)
(ok, captured my special young man in deep thought here. was trying to find an old phone booth, but they seem to be non-existent anymore!)

blessings to all of you on this Sunday!


  1. Great interpretation of low key. Have a great Sunday!

  2. Love the penny rug and your mom's hands. Such a fun challenge!

  3. Your photos are lovely! I especially like your low key! :)

  4. Beautiful Shay. They're all great. My favorite is the scarf shot, so wonderful. I love the phone one, the look of concentration. I love your take on low key too!!

  5. I know what you booths are few and far between any more. There is one in our court room in the city and I keep meaning to take my camera so I can capture it! Great job! You thought very creatively for this!

  6. Great Photos. I really enjoyed the phone one. You captured the emotion in it.

  7. Love your circles and scarf - hand made treasures. I like that you got your mom's hands too :)

  8. great pics, especially like the color wheel.

  9. Ooo, are you from Lancaster?! My hubby and I just visited there last August! I posted about it, LOVED IT! Great shots PS - I love what you did with the bottled monochromatic shot!