Thursday, September 29, 2011


rain off and on today, had cleaning, laundry and banana bread baking to didn't get my camera out. supposed to have nice, crisp fall weather coming up this weekend though. looking forward to capturing that. for today though, i've played a little on photo shop. i know there must be millions of things i haven't seen or tried yet. it's all VERY confusing. but i saw on another fellow blogger's post today a note about 'twirling'. do i have twirling on my photo shop? woohoo..i do. it just fascinates me, still, how we can work on beautiful photographs that are able to be left untouched OR turned into a completely amazing piece of art.

so, here goes my first attempts:


Fall Leaves~

Stained Glass Window~

i know one thing for sure. our Heavenly Father is one astonishing artist. colors, textures, His hands created it all.
we are SO blessed to see and experience His beautiful masterpiece every day!


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