Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"Be Still" moments....

i stumbled upon a dear old friends blog today. her message loud and clear to me to 'be still'. funny, it's one of the things i tell myself often. i am one who has a hard time quieting my mind. especially when i need to be sleeping. takes me forever to fall. but when sleep evades me or even during wakeful hours and the migraine is starting because there is SO much tumbling around up there, i repeat over and over 'be still' until i settle. it's God's way of telling me to slow down, look around, embrace, be blessed. i was embarking on this process at my kitchen sink this morning. staring out the window. 'be still, be still, be still' when i saw that little whispered heart from God in the tree. now, i have been staring at this tree for over 3 years, out the same kitchen window, and have never noticed this little heart that is naturally formed in the trunk. why? you ask...i believe it's because God needed me to see it at that very moment in time. a whisper. that He is there and He loves me.

so again i encourage you...
are you keeping your eyes, your heart, your soul open for those SO very important whispers from your Heavenly Father?


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