Monday, September 12, 2011

Capturing Feathered Friends

today i kept waking up, my body refusing to stay asleep, oh the joys of working night shift. i was on my front porch, cool breeze, tempting me to stay awake and enjoy the beautiful day. the black capped chickadees were fluttering around the feeders. i love these little guys. i have a photo of my boys when they were wee ones in their aunt's wedding party in little tuxedos. these birds make me think of them that day all dressed up. so tiny in their tuxedos.

in the house to get my camera. they of course weren't cooperating. not one pic after an hour of waiting quietly. i admire photographers that are able to capture our feathered friends. maybe when i finally have a zoom lens, i will be able to sit from afar and capture them. but for now...found this pic in my archives and played around with contrast and saturation a bit. i have a thing for eyes too. they are the windows to our souls!


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