Saturday, September 10, 2011

Out of Sorts

this passion has been tucked deep down inside me for a long time. i always knew when photographing my sons, i had the ability to see beyond the picture i was taking, and capture their essence with my eye through the lens. i have some amazing memories of them, ones i will cherish for a lifetime. passion passed down to me through my father.
but i didn't feel the joyful passion that is consuming me, when purposefully looking through my lens, trying to capture God's creations, until i started this blog.

why am i out of sorts?
my camera has become my friend.
always with me, just in case.
and now it is sitting in my studio, broken.

i didn't think it would affect me like this.
but i feel all out of sorts.
almost like I've lost my constant friend.
and I've lost the connection i started feeling with my father again, i felt like he was looking through the lens with me and smiling.

so today, being 'out of sorts' is what my mom and i officially call the 'molly grubbs'.


1 comment:

  1. I am the same way without making lists. I have to make a list for everything. If I don't have a pen and paper with me at all times I'm out of sorts as well. I don't feel...complete.