Sunday, October 2, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

had an awesome time with this weeks 'Scavenger Hunt Sunday' picks over at Ramblings & Photos! each week i am challenged more and more. i am completely blessed by all your wonderful comments and to be among such talented photographers. you make me strive each week to think outside the box, be more creative and challenge myself.
here goes...

1) 'Inspired by a book or movie'
~Under The Tuscan Sun~
LOVE this movie, especially if i am in a funk and want to run off and buy that beautiful, old villa myself to hide away from the world! 2 things represent that movie to me, bright yellow sunflowers and cobalt blue glass. had to pull these from the archives, but it was worth it.

2) 'Brown'
well i LOVE brown, all shades, i almost considered doing a variation of all sepia this week to honor the 'brown' pick, BUT changed my mind. i have 2 here that spoke to me this week.

3) 'Hazy'
i LOVED the way this photo of a wisteria branch came out after i played around with saturation a bit. the sunlight and maple leaves in the background came out with a beautiful rainbow hazy look.

4) 'Coffe or Tea'
okay, so anyone that knows and loves me, are completely aware that i am a 'frapp-a-holic'. LOVE a good cup of hot tea, don't get me wrong. but this challenge is dedicated to my daughter, Gael, who works for Starbucks in Maine. hope i did her proud:)

5) "Linger'
okay, okay...i am stumped on this one still. but i have a few more days before i have to link up this post. so i am off to linger, i mean ponder:) the definition of 'linger' means to stay around in a place longer than expected. sunsets make me linger. i am working for sunrises mostly so i miss them. but sunsets amaze me. the way they can close out even the gloomiest of days. God's way of sending us to rest with His beautiful, water color painted skies, promise a brand new day to follow. so..last nights sunset (thursday) is my 'linger' pick for this weeks hunt.

blessings to you all with the upcoming week!


  1. Oh, the colors in your linger shot are so rich. Gorgeous!

  2. What a cool set - I really like the processing on your coffee shot!

  3. These are gorgeous! Love your sunflowers and hazy shots!

  4. Ooh, great job!! Love the linger one and the Starbucks one!!

  5. I love your hazy shot. The name of your blog caught my eye. Love people who speak up for the Lord. It's always a blessing to meet other Christian bloggers. I actually have my own weekly linkup going on right now called Favorite Photo of the Week Contest if you would ever like to join in. We would love to have you. :)

  6. these are wonderful!!! the wisteria is fabulous. can't ever go wrong with wisteria...

  7. Dear Shay,

    I came here because of the name of your blog. I so wanted to sing "His Eye is On the Sparrow" this week in church, but so many called out other numbers in the song books that I was not able to get my number in. No matter, it brought me to you and this has been a fun adventure. My favorite was linger because God does give us His art in nature and this photo caught a prime example of His giftings to us in the beauty of nature.

    Thanks for standing for Jesus,

  8. Lovely! I just LOVE your sunflowers. Great colors!