Thursday, October 13, 2011

we see the changes as the months go by, but do we feel them in our hearts, our souls. i think we go through seasons too. as i sat on my porch this afternoon, looking at the colorful leaves on the trees, watching them slowly drift to the ground, cool wind touching my face, i thought of my journey lately. how my season right now is slowly drifting to an end, of what is past and what is yet to come. fall feel likes a time of reflection for me. the upcoming winter will be a time of quiet preparation, a time of careful and mindful planning. there are stirrings going on in my heart. i am on the verge of 'newness'. not only in my spiritual life, but on my journey. i am praying these things will come to pass. praying that i will have the strength to walk through the doors that are being so lovingly opened before me.
i think spring will be a season of new beginnings, new opportunities, of peace and joy, of giving God glory with my God given talents.
so i will cherish fall and winter, as i wait for my spring.


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