Saturday, October 8, 2011

i took this photograph of my nephew a long time ago. with a 35mm film camera, B&W film. i love B&W. that has been instilled in me since childhood.
i had to scan this photo in, painstakingly, geez are we spoiled by the digital age or what? tweaked it a bit and added some grain.
my point is, i've been exploring my options. searching myself on this '40' year old journey.
i want to wake up each day and feel the joy & happiness of going to work. i've been looking at newborn photography and newborn photographers. i LOVE it. although this is the ONLY photo i have ever taken, i remember every moment of it.
my work days are filled with caring for the elderly and seeing death frequently. i feel like i have fufilled that journey. and my heart desires to embark on the next. maybe it's 'new life'. i don't know, still praying.
what i do know is, my mind is reeling with thoughts and ideas and i for sure will have trouble sleeping tonight.
the other thing i know for sure is...
God will show me my path in His time, not my own.
so while i wait...
i will learn, explore and continue my idea journal!


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