Sunday, October 9, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

another inspiring week of 'Scavenger
Hunt Sunday' items over at 'Ramblings & Photos' with Ashley Sisk.

so here goes my interpretations...

1) Landscape~
we've had nothing but cold, rainy weather here of late, a little hard to get a good landscape shot. so i shot what was near me and beautiful in my eyes.

2)Complementary/Triadic Color~
i am so new to this, so don't know if i got this right this week, but here's my go at it.


3) Black & White~ favorite! was so glad to see this picked. my father did B&W in his darkroom when i was a little girl, so it means alot to me. found these in the coolest little shop i could go wild in, full of salvaged architecture and rusty old hardware, the owners also make things, these were hanging everywhere and actually prompted me to buy 2 old cabinet doors, paint chipped and peeling, along with old rustic hooks, which we turned into a winter coat/bag/scarf/hat rack and hung them just inside our door. LOVE them. but i also LOVE these!

4) Blank Space~
had a hard time with this one. but we were at a church picnic and the tables were lined with white paper, crayons scattered everywhere, just waiting for the kids to doodle and create masterpieces. so it made me think 'blank space' OR like me when i begin a painting 'blank canvas'.

5) Food~
fresh from our veggie garden! love 'maters'!

'food' stored

hope everyone has a blessed day!


  1. beautiful, beautiful photos! love your black and whites!

  2. Your blank space photo is very creative and looks amazing. Love it! I'd love it if you stopped by my blog ( and linked up with my new linky party "Oh Snap!shots of the week." It will be a weekly linky party. Hope to see you there!

  3. Those tomatoes are amazing! And I love the black & whites, the pictures and what they say.

  4. Nicely done - I really love those beautiful fall leaves.