Sunday, October 30, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

had some crazy days this week. ending in an October snowfall. but i managed to get my hunts pics for this weeks 'Scavenger Hunt Sunday' with Ashley Sisk over at 'Ramblings & Photos'. Please stop on over there and AMAZE yourself with some incredible photographers!

~here we go~

1) Macro...

i played around with the watercolor feature a bit on these, but the coloring is SOOC. i LOVE the result!

2) Found Texture...

this was an easy one as i LOVE all things chipped, aged and paint peeling! this is an old cabinet door.

3) Home...

although i love making my house feel like home, 'home' to me is the safety and love of my family. it is not a roof or walls or structure. it is holding hands, smiles and laughter, unconditional acceptance!

4) The Tree...
(i know this is the last item, but i'm saving 'cover' for last, it was after all the most fun!)

not sure if i am representing 'The Tree' correctly here, but do you know how hard it is to find a tree standing alone in an area loaded with trees??

5) last but certainly not least...'Cover' or should i say 'Cover Shoot'?
i also had a hard time with this one until my friend here helped me along. so without further is my 'Cover Shoot' with my friend who i've named Gordon. i LOVE cows. and i captured him the day before the snow fell!
p.s. WARNING..this has the potential to gross you out..
just saying..LOL

oh, hello there lady with the camera...

what are you from National Geographic or something?

here goes...left, left, left


oops, he didn't want to do the last 'left'. guess he got what he was after. LOL
did you know cows could stick their tongues up their noses?
sure did make my day!
this farmer is going more kleenex needed in this pasture!

wishing you all a very blessed week!


  1. Your macro is just stunning!! The color and depth in those petals is amazing!

  2. Haha...literally laughing out loud here over your "Gordon" series! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (not sure that is enough exclamation points to convey how much I love it). And thank you so much for the idea of "Shoot Boots"...and I know JUST the pair I'm gonna buy!


  3. I think a lot of us couldn't get The Tree. Though there aren't many trees here like there are in some places, there aren't many by themselves. I love your humor. Your post was very entertaining and you have lovely photos.

  4. That cow series is fab. Love all your images. THe lone tree you found was worth the hunt.

  5. Oh my... That cow is hysterical!! Great set... Also loved your take on texture!

  6. Your one funny mother!!! :) I love your creativity with these!!! What a photographer you are becoming!!! and BTW this is cole if you didnt know LOL

  7. Love the tree shot and the cows are too funny!

  8. Beautiful home interpretations

  9. Love that tree shot! Beautiful colors. If you are ever in my neck of the blog world I would love for you to join in our weekly photo challenge called SHOOT. EDIT. SUBMIT. It's a great place to see other photographers' variety of styles and skills.

  10. Fantastic set, they're all wonderful, but home is so touching and the cow is hilarious!

  11. Great job Shay. They are great. You are becoming quite the photographer.

  12. These are truly wonderful shots. Nice perspective on the home shot and a stunning macro shot.