Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pollywog & Pictures

Childhood. Sitting outside my father's darkroom. Waiting for the red light to turn green so I could sneak in to see his latest photos. Lifting each one with tongs out of the developing tray. Hanging them on the line with clothespins. My father loved to take pictures when I was a child. Somewhere along his journey he stopped. I will never know the reason, as he is gone from us. But his memory and love of photography still rings true in my heart.
13 years ago, he wasn't able to experience digital cameras or photoshop. He would be amazed at what we have today. But then again, doesn't he have the best picture of all? The expansive veiw looking down from heaven, watching his loved ones grow and prosper. I guess he doesn't need a camera up there, does he?

Blogging sure has opened my eyes. I am more aware of my surroundings. My goal over the next year is to dig into learning photoshop. The above picture is the first one I have ever worked on. Not bad...but oh the possibilities!!!!!

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  1. And you feel I should be doing photography!?