Sunday, August 7, 2011

August 7, 2011

May we always strive to see beauty in every living thing. God's beauty is all around us, and His kingdom awaits us. Focusing on the good in people can be difficult when there is so much negativity consuming them. I am around people like this everyday. We all are. But perhaps if we focus on the good, look deep within them and find something beautiful, it may be just the thing to turn their actions, their words around. Make the lost found. We all have opportunity to witness, to share God's love, make a person feel loved and wanted, a person might just need that one small gesture, that one kind word to bless them beyond measure. We are all looking for acceptance from those around us. Not one of us can say we aren't. It's human nature.
So make an effort to share the love of God and truly bless someone today, someone you may normally pass up.

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