Friday, August 26, 2011

August 26, 2011

i immediately became fascinated with the river rock formations on the shady river in Maine. the kids and i took a trek through the cow pastures, into the woods and ended up at the river. such untouched beauty awaited us. one of the first rocks we held was in the shape of a heart. we quickly realized all the hearts we were seeing. i began the heart rock hunt.

this one had to stay in the river, too big.

no one understood, even laughed at me for needing to bring these hearts home.

nature can be cruel. i have been through hurricanes, seen the devastation. but as i spent quiet moments in Maine, camera ready, i realized that nature, even when there are flooding waters & blizzards through the seasons, a peaceful beauty will be left in their wake.

one with any heart at all, would be unable to not allow the natural beauty that was consuming me sink into their very souls.
oh to live in such a place untouched.
to feel the very presence of God right at your fingertips.
to feel the love with every fresh, clean breath you take.
my heart aches to call this place home.
my soul desires to fulfill a new dream that has arisen at it's very core.

this morning i unpacked my stash of beautiful rocks and began sealing them, i need them to look like i just picked them up out of that refreshing, cool water, untouched and beautiful. to remind me of those peaceful, quiet moments. until....

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