Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August 9, 2011

I saw myself in this particular sunflower this morning. I have a tendency to draw myself in. To protect my feelings, to stay safe. I guess some of the hardships I have faced in life have taught me to do just that. A sunflower is beautiful in full bloom. And turns itself towards the sun. When we are in full bloom, total faith, we lift our faces towards the Son. I know when life is hard, struggles overwhelming, my instinct is to fold my petals back down, to cover myself in safety. But I am trying to see and understand that being in full bloom, open and facing the Son, laying my hardships and struggles at His feet, is when I will receive His full nourishment for my soul. Then and only then will I shine beautifully like the sunflower.

Then and only then, after I have opened my heart completely, will I receive the nourishment I need. He is waiting for me to lift open my petals.

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