Thursday, August 4, 2011

August 4, 2001

This is actually a picture from the flag that is currently hanging off my front porch. As mothers, we want to keep our children 'in the nest', protect them from the things in this world, keep them safe, keep them innocent. It's our instinct. We are protectors. But just as God created the sparrow, giving them the instinct to teach their young to fly, so must we allow our children some freedom 'to fly'. It's frightening, and we want to hold on, but have to have the faith that when we let go, everything we taught them, instilled in them, they will carry on their wings and know God is with them.
In the next few years, I will begin to experience the 'empty nest syndrome' myself. But I know they will never be alone with God and they know my nest will always be waiting for them.

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