Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 17-24, 2011

Well, we made it back from Maine safe & sound, part of me wanted to stay. I fell in love with Vermont too. Surgery was yesterday and went well, now healing & resting for a few days.
So, I shot about 650 photos in the last week. Wish I could post them all at the same time but I can't. So I decided to do a small story line if you will, a few shots from each day to show you our Maine trip. Many other photos will follow on later blog posts.
Here goes....
Beautiful blue skies as we drove north through the states.

Through the mountains we went...

The first of many signs in my adventure to see a moose for the first time...

Mr. Lumberjack in Rumford, ME.

Ashton at the first falls we came accross, lots of photos taken here.
Echo Valley Cabins in Phillips, ME.
We reached our destination!
Gael's amazing campfire to keep us toasty while we roasted marshmallows!
Not so scarey ghost stories!
Quiet moments....
~Smalls Falls~
~Wild Child~
Chillin~literally! I've never felt such cold water in my life!
Long overdue...
Blessed moments I will cherish forever! (This is the drive I saw the moose on, just me & Gael)

Homeward bound....
I felt at home in the mountains again, surrounded by God's glorious splender and creation.
I already long to go back. To get away from here. Perhaps that should be part of my new journey. Praying to bring me to a place that makes me content and at peace.
I learned alot on this trip. About myself and some of the things I need to work on. About my family. Time to reflect.
(Lots more photos to come!)

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