Sunday, February 26, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

time to link up with Ashley again for SHS.
i have to be honest here..i posted this week's prompts on my cell memo pad as usual, and as i was looking through my archives for a photo for another post, this week's prompts started jumping out at me. i have shot and shot and shot over the last few weeks and have so many photos waiting to post. so i only have one prompt that i specifically took this week, handwritten.
' long does a photo technically sit waiting to post before it is considered archived?' LOL

this is the old bridge crossing from Wrightsville to Columbia. they have built a new one but i'd much rather cross the old.
i LOVE the coloring in this!

another photo at the 'bridge' shoot. this is my youngest son.
i LOVE how i caught him in deep thought.

cherished family Bibles.
the most important of handwritten words so long ago.

inside the largest Bible.
record of our births'.

as i mentioned in my last SHS post, i am striving to capture beauty in the winter scene. after the flowers faded this summer and leaves fell this fall, i was a little sad for outdoor shoots. but i made myself look and the beauty appeared. i am finding such BLISS in this winter scene. and BLISS in forcing myself to get off 'auto' and shoot more 'manual'. i LOVE the muted, colorful backgrounds i am getting!

i LOVE all shades of gray! so when i captured old, rusty and GRAY in one shot i was over the top!

thanks for stopping by!
as always i would LOVE to hear from you!



  1. Love your shots, especially the first bridge shot and the bird nest, thanks for sharing....

  2. The bird's nest is my favourite. The one with your son is pretty awesome too. Great shots this week!

  3. wow the bird's nest is a awesome shot and I also really like the shot with the bridge and your son. Beautiful colours

  4. Great set, love the handwritten.

  5. Fun set - especially like the bird's nest.

  6. Wow...simply stunning pictures yet again! I love the feeling each of your pictures portray. I missed shooting with you this week. I am looking forward to this week and some fun shooting times with you!!!!

    Love, Love, Love absolutely LOVE the picture of A sitting by the river, so precious! Also love the handwritten shots of your family Bible...great memories.

  7. Love the the first old bridge shot and the nest.

  8. these are great!!

  9. Awesome shots..the nest is stunning and how cool the faucet it :)

  10. This is a wonderful set you have this week Shay. Don't you wonder what was going thru your sons mind when you took that photo..he certainly looks deep in thought. And the colors/shades of your bible shot are so rich and beautiful. I need to take some time to sit down and figure out what is going on next weekend with the Better Half. The kids were all home the past few days so we haven't had the chance. I will certainly let you know, and thank you for the invite :)

  11. Very nice set.
    Crossed, I do like the muted background of the bridge.
    The Handwritten - So very true.
    Glimpse-Great colors and you captured a wonderful moment with your son. He does look deep in thought.
    I rather like your Gray Shot (different) and the Bliss Shots are lovely.

  12. Love the old Bibles and your bliss shots! Great job!

  13. Great set! Some really cool shots here.

  14. Really great set - loving the last three shots and crossed.

  15. Every single one of these is gorgeous!

  16. Like the last three photos - good image compositions and colours.