Sunday, February 5, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

can't believe it's SHS again with Ashley over at Ramblings & Photos. this week has flown by. where did my time go? a memorable week though. my son turned 18. also had a blast hunting for this weeks prompts with him and wendy again.
so let's get to it!

1)color me green
loved the reflection in this pond. i actually took over 20 photos at this setting. some shots had a window and lantern in the reflection. but i liked this simple reflection. can you see the fish? this is SOOC and looks like it could be art on a canvas hanging in my home.

ok. so i LOVE knitting. sitting in my comfy chair by the fireplace, hearing the click of my needles and feeling the soft yarn (LOVE alpaca) in my hands is SO relaxing to me.
 and i LOVE collecting all things old and with a history. scouring through antique stores and flea markets trying to find that great little find is so much fun!

3)strike a pose
that's me and my photo bud goofing off, trying to be 'minnie pearl' after church last Sunday when we went to breakfast!
ugh! i just posted a photo of me. if you know me well, you know i have ISSUES with that!

tell me..would you be able to drive past a GIANT shoe house everyday and not be able to use it for this prompt?
yes, it's real!

how's a girl who LOVES all things old, rusty and chipped supposed to find something 'shiny'? SO NOT ME! 
i mean i could have photographed my mercury glass, but have posted that before. or used the opposite and posted a rusty shot.
but today when we were out shooting, i was able to get close enough to some geese in this pond. when i uploaded my photos, i realized this might work for 'shiny'. i mean, look at his reflection shine in the water. right? may be stretching this a bit. but i liked the effect. 

hop on over and visit the other shs photographers display their works of art.
as always, i'd love to hear from you!

have a blessed week!


  1. I love the green. That is cool. And, "there was an old woman who lived in a shoe..."

  2. Oh wow, what a house! Not sure if I would want to live in it, but it sure looks interesting. Love your first two photos, but especially the first one is wonderful!

  3. Wonder who lives in a shoe ;) love the selfie, even better with a silly hat!!

  4. posted that silly hat picture! I loved hunting with you again this week. I love your goose is so beautiful. I love the pond and yarn pictures. You are so talented!

  5. What a fun strike a pose! Love your shiny duck shot, too.

  6. I love your hobby and shiny - such great finds!

  7. What a great set - really liking your first shot. Very interesting.

  8. You are so right, that first shot looks like a piece of artwork...gorgeous.


  9. Your first image is very abstract.

  10. Very very creative use of textures. Nice capture on the goose. May your week be filled with happiness.

  11. That shoe house is so cool! Great shots!

  12. your green shot is so cool... I am so JEALOUS! (:

  13. great pics...I love rusty too....more than the photo of strike a pose..

  14. Absolutely wonderful series. I love your fist shot, so interesting.
    That Shoe house is quite interesting and I like the texture you added to the photo.
    Cute Strike a Pose shots.
    I think Shiny works well for your lovely goose photo.

  15. These is a great set! The way you added the extra texture/images in the background adds more character to the photos. Nice job!

  16. I love antique shopping! There's just something special about well maintained old things. I need to scour antique shops more often!!! LOVELY PHOTOS!


  17. Nice interpretations :)

    Love your green and hobby.