Wednesday, February 1, 2012

HaPPy BirTHdaY!

i am so emotional this morning. 18 years ago today, i gave birth to a beautiful son. where has the time gone i ask myself? so many amazing memories. i feel like i am not done raising him yet. like i have so much more to show him, to teach him. 
and yet, i have to let go, just a little.
i cannot express to you in a thousand words how much you have blessed me over these years. with laughter, with joy and happiness. a few tears too.
i cried when i took you to your first day of kindergarten.
and again when i dropped you off at the bus stop your first day of high school.
tears flow this morning.
and i am sure hundreds more will fall with each milestone you accomplish.
when you took your first breath it took my breath away.
and i have never been the same.
my heart overflows with love for you my child. and always will.

God surely blessed me when he entrusted me to bring you up in this world. 
as i leave you in His hands each day, please know that i am always here.
i'll love you forever. i'll love you for always. as long as i'm living. my baby you'll be.

HaPPy 18th BirTHdaY!

to the moon and back and more than all the stars in the sky..


  1. Happy Birthday Cole!
    I can't imagine the emotions running through your body today. Cole is an amazing young man that has an equally amazing mom. I can God's love shining through him in every thing he does every day. It takes a special person to instill that in someone. Job well done mom! <3

  2. Happy birthday to Cole. I always tell my girls that you can tell a good guy by how he treats his mom. From your written words of love today, I think it is a safe bet to place money on your son :)