Wednesday, February 22, 2012

dear my Nana,

mommy says you can't wait to meet me and she's been trying to take my pictures. i told her i am too busy to pose in a basket or a teacup. and besides i am a boy Nana.
she tries very hard to get nice pictures for you.
but i have some ants in my pants and can barely sit still.
unless it's night time of course, cuz that's when i get sleepy and snuggly.
so here are a few for you to see.
i am almost 5 months old Nana.
and that's a very big boy.

you know mommy is very picky about taking pictures.
she tries so hard with me Nana.
but i gots more important things to do.

mommy has already given me the Nana rules.
i can't chew your fingers cuz they are old and always cold.
no biting Nana's ankles.
i really can't chew Nana's shoes.
i can only be a snuggly puppy for Nana.

so hope you come soon.
cuz i'm growin very fast!

xoxoxox love xoxoxox

p.s. i am very sorry Nana, but i killed the purple kitty you sent me in the mail!


  1. Hi...what a lovely post. It really cheered me up this morning and what a cutie Dudley is too. Poor purple Kitty!!!
    Hugs Debbie x

  2. Yeah...I can comment now...
    Dudley you are soo super cute! You bring joy and sunshine to anyone who meets you...Just remember when the door is open...Don't take that as an invitation to run down Market Street. Mommy gets really mad!!!