Wednesday, February 22, 2012

are they FAREAL????

this post is not to share an amazing photograph or to exhibit something cool i have discovered in photo shop. it certainly isn't to share a quote that will move you to tears.
it is
a post, however, to share something i have discovered.
that is very disturbing.
down right shameful in my opinion!

yes my friends take a good, long, hard look here!

i wait ALL year for these cookies. i hide them in the freezer. i can eat a sleeve at a time depending on 2 things..1) i am visiting with Molly Grubb or 2) i have to eat them fast to keep them away from the 'things' i live with.

are you noticing anything odd here??
same price, BUT, the sleeve is significantly shorter than normal. missing a good 1/2 dozen cookies per sleeve!
what the HECK?
are they FAREAL?

we are talking 'girl scouts' here!
they portray cuteness, innocence in their little green uniforms!

WELL folks...
they have succumb to this world and the US economy!

thin mints are disappearing out of the sleeve just like ruffles have disappeared out of the chip bag!

i don't wanna hear the excuse..
'we are just looking out for your BUTT size mrs. Hobbs', you do tend to eat a whole sleeve at a time!'

but my FRAME OF MIND certainly is!
thin mints are like Prozac people!!!!

i am officially on 'thin mint strike' until they give us our cookies back!!!

totally irritated..
now i have to eat a whole box to self medicate with thin mints!



  1. I feel your pain, which is why we must buy TWO boxes :). Haha, you are too funny! They are my FAV cookies too and I can sit down and eat a whole sleeve (pre missing cookies) without a blink. I think it is Edy's who makes Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mint Ice Cream...FYI :)

  2. You are too funny... I refuse to pay the price for girl scout cookies. John will eat them all in one night if I don't hide them from him lol..Miss ya lots. Working til 3 everyday and noon on Friday. Call me when you have time.

    Love ya,

  3. They are my favorite as well, however, I am the only one that eats them so they last a long time. We keep them in the freezer and eat them frozen. Yummy yummmmmmmmy!!!!