Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cabin In The Woods

ok. so i tell my husband, my mother, my friends, well anyone who will listen, that i am leaving for 'my cabin in the woods'.
a place where i can retreat and relax. be still. have quiet. read a book a day. stroll through nature and photograph whatever catches my eye. sit by the wood stove and knit as the snow falls peacefully outside the window. sip on hot tea while home made soup simmers on the stove and fresh bread bakes in the oven. the scent bringing back memories of days gone by. reading scripture, reflecting as i rock in a creaky old rocking chair.
one day, i will have this cabin of mine.
i know i have posted about this before.
but my friend W needed this post today.

so here it is my friend. close your eyes and go to my cabin in the woods. let yourself be there if only for a little while.

(this is actually a photograph of the famous Star Barn here in PA. my son showed me some new stuff to click on and play with in photo shop last night. i loved the effect and that i was able to leave the rusty roof untouched.)

ok. it's not a cabin. but hey..this is my getaway, right?

prayers are with you W.
see the small stuff!



  1. I've never heard of the Star Barn...where in PA is this? Looks VERY cool!


  2. Shay you are an amazing friend. This is just what I needed before I close my eyes tonight. It was a long day but I can do all things! Thank you for the cabin and someday my cabin will be right beside yours. Thanks be to God for your friendship and crossing our paths. :)